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Children at Little Spartans Child Development Center are active learners, learning and developing  through their daily experiences with materials and people. Every child is an individual, with their unique strengths, interests, personality, and approach to learning.


Our primary goal is for children to feel safe and secure while at Little Spartans Child Development Center.  We believe strongly in communication with families and being able to provide an atmosphere where children and parents feel comfortable. Children are treated with respect and kindness. We recognize that children develop at different rates and have different interests. Small group size and appropriate teacher-child ratios allow for meeting the individual needs of each child.

Little Spartans Child Development Center values people, the children in our care, their parents, and our employees. We continually work to earn the trust placed in us. We strive each day to be the best provider of early childhood educational services we possibly can.


All of Little Spartans Staff are certified teachers and Assistants. Here at Little Spartans we take pride in our staff. We offer access to the Teach Scholarship Program where teachers can further their knowledge and Education in the Early Childhood Education Field.

Our staff are CPR certified and trained in first aid procedures. Safety is our top priority! We understand the trust that is given when putting your child in our care!

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(608) 838-0171

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Introducing our new 4 year old program. Contact us for more information! 


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